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1 Welcome to the Zöldliget Hungarian-English
Bilingual Baptist Primary and Secondary Grammar School

The Hungarian Baptist Aid

The Hungarian Baptist Aid became supervisors of our school during the 2012 year. The Hungarian Baptist Aid is very much in favor of bilingual education.b1

The Baptist Union of Hungary is an organization of Baptists in Hungary for promoting cooperation in ministry. The current president is János Papp. The Baptist Union of Hungary is a member of the European Baptist Federation, the Baptist World Alliance, and the World Council of Churches. Headquarters of the Union are maintained in Budapest. Its affiliated ministries include Hungarian Baptist Aid. Its president is Sándor Szenczy.

Although Baptists are over our school, most of the teachers are not baptists. Christianity in Hungary is predominantly Roman Catholic.

b2Local church: Hajnalpír Baptista Gyülekezet, Velence
 worships are held in Hungarian – parents are ready to translate
International Baptist Church of Budapest:
worships are held in English – Sundays at 10.30 am

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