The Bilingual Education System

A special program - introduced in the 1990s in Hungary and very popular ever since - is bilingual education i.e. a program where, besides reinforced language learning, at least three other subjects must be taught in the target language. Language learning starts in the first grade with five lessons per week. The subjects taught in the target language are Art, Music and Physical Education, later on Science, Geography, Biology and Cultural Studies.
The presence of native speakers is obligatory and - as a matter of fact - absolutely necessary in bilingual education. Native teachers are essential for language building skills, such as pronunciation and dialect. As well as bringing culture into the classroom.
We would like to help our pupils to develop a favourable attitude to language learning, extend their conceptions about the world and Europe and get acquainted with the culture and civilizations of the target language in order to view the Hungarian culture in an extended context.

Our aim is to ensure children learn English at a very early age. At the age of six or seven, children are courious, talkative and motivated to learn. These characteristics are essential as the children will be acquiring knowledge through interactive play. The teachers provide a fun and energetic foundation for the children to learn and grow in their language development. Common meathods teachers use to encourage speech in the target language included (but are not limited to) rythmn, music, dancing and manual works. In the first and second grades, the main task is speech and vocabulary developing. Our hope for the senior section is that each student will develop the skills necessary to perform at the intermediate level in the target language. We encourage our students to work diligently so that our goals may be realized.

We offer several programmes to our pupils such as drama classes, English competitions, bilingual class events (Harvest festival, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day), trips into English-speaking countries, programmes with other bilingual schools and other events to assist our students' development.

Getting into the Bilingual Education System

To take part in the bilingual class, parents are required to complete an application form which is available at our school. Applications are accepted not only from Velence, but also from other towns and villages. The application form must be sent to the school by 28 February 2014. At that time a date will be given for the child to take an ability test. The test is designed to measure the child in serveral areas: vocabulary, expressiveness, memory, logical mind and persistence. The test is administered in Hungarian and measures, not what the child knows, but rather what the child is capable of learning.

Ability test (areas of measurement):
  • spatial positions and relations

  • movement and rythmn

  • attention

  • word recognition

  • general knowledge

  • vocabulary and expression

  • empirical deductions

  • observation/cognition of speech

After the assessment, the headmaster of the school will inform the parent(s) as to whether the child would be a good candidate for the bilingual programme.

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