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1 Welcome to the Zöldliget Hungarian-English
Bilingual Baptist Primary and Secondary Grammar School


 We offer several programs to our pupils such as music classes, cultural enrichment and other events and competitions to assist in character development. Students can take part in the following programmes:

  • talent support workshops (N-JOY and SHARE Talent Support Program in English, MATEH Talent Support Program in Maths)
  • English competitions (Poetry recital competition, Short story writing competition, Science contest, Spelling Bee, English-speaking countries competition, Speech competition),
  • bilingual events (Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Canada Day, Mother's Day),
  • trips into English-speaking countries,
  • trips in Hungary with English tourguiding
  • English library days,
  • programmes with other bilingual schools,
  • summer camps.



Barbara Pápai, one of our 8th grade students, recited her own poem.:


by Barbara Pápai

A teardrop went down,

All over my face,

Down to my nose

Into a deep space.

When I told you you’re the reason why,

You said it will be better after a while.

I didn’t see on you that you feel bad,

Maybe it was an other reason why I feel that.

But there’s noone in this universe

Who can make me feel this way.

Is it going to get worse,

When we stop talking everyday?

There are so many questions

Which I daily think about,

Every minute, every second,

But I have to figure them out.

How did you mean you love me,

At the first time we met?

How could you hug me,

So long, after not so close we get?

What if the world stops spinning around?

What if after a while you will bring me down?

Hurting me by telling those things,

What I shouldn’t do wrong

I promise I won’t hurt you, as you hurt me,

When I wasn’t mentally so strong.

Look straight into my eyes

And don’t tell anyone,

Just listen and memorise

That you are the only one.

The only one who I love,

The one who I trust.

And if we get to the end

Do not be so sad.

My smile will hide

All of my pain,

The smile which I tried

Look so normal again.

Just thing about all of the things we got into and through,

’Cause there won’t be we anymore, just Me and You.



szalai eszterReading books open doors to magical places. One day you could find yourself in a kingdom with kings and queens and the next day you could find yourself in a house filled with magic. The Zöldliget English library started out two years ago with a few books on two shelves. Due to the generous donations over the past two years we now have many new books and our shelves are overflowing. There are now books for students from first grade right up to eighth grade in various levels. Students enjoy browsing through the books during the breaks or after school and taking them home if they would like. This year we started a ’Star Reader of the Month’ to award those students who have spent a lot of time reading and borrowing books during that month. Our September Star of the Month was Szalai Eszter and for October Havai Júlia. Open some doors and read a book today!!













Science Competition for 5th and 6th graders

We held our school Science Competition for 5th and 6th graders on the 25th of October. Children were asked to form groups of threes to sign up for the competition. We were happy to welcome nine groups altogether. Groups had to cope with different types of tasks and activities in one and a half an hour: anagram games, quiz, recognizing animal voices, trimino as a logic game, puzzle and scavenger hunt. Kids had a good time during the competition, it was exciting and a pleasure to see teams in action. Team “Kis Lilik” – team members Lili Ötvös and Lili Vanda Szabó - won the first prize and every team was given a certificate and a bar of chocolate and the winners were awarded extra prizes too. Congratulations to all teams.

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