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1 Welcome to the Zöldliget Hungarian-English
Bilingual Baptist Primary and Secondary Grammar School

Our past experiences and future plans

Our school has always been open to find new ways, learn, new methods and new ideas. After starting a new program we have also been interested in sharing our success and showing the way we do it. Cooperation with other schools is important for us. In the list below there are the ways we have been learning and cooperating with other schools and institutions:

  • attending the annual national bilingual conferences in Hungary
  • attending training on CLIL
  • being in contact with experts on CLIL
  • being a memeber of Talent Support Centres (Talent Support Council of Fejér County, Baptist Talent Support Council)
  • attending Talent Days
  • cooperating with other Talent Point including participation in talent support programs
  • hosting Baptist summer camp with volunteers from the USA
  • hosting young people from the USA to help our pupils to learn more about culture

and also the ways we have been sharing experiences:

  • organizing inner training for our teachers
  •  organizing training on CLIL
  • organizing the annual national bilingual conference (2015, over 200 teachers at our school)
  • organizing conferences on CLIL for Baptist schools (2016, 2017)
  • organizing conferences on integrating native teachers for Baptist schools (2016, 2017)
  • sharing the strategy and action plan with other Baptist schools
  • sharing our programs and best practices with other bilingual schools
  • sharing our curriculum devlopment in teaching Culture
  • sharing our best practices on organizing specail days with the help of native teachers

Future plans:
We would like to develop our program and learn about new opportunities and find new ways to be better. We are going to start high school bilingual education in 2018.
We are ready to:

  • cooperate with other bilingual schools and Talent Points
  • share strategy plan, best practices and programs with other schools, Talent Points or Centres
  • be visited by experts and volunteers
  • attend trainings, conferences and Talent Days
  • organize trainings, conferences and Talent Days

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