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Bejegyzés dátuma: 2019.12.16.


This year’s science competition for fifth and sixth graders was held on November the 20th . This time we focused on the interesting topic “The Universe and the Solar System”. Students were able to participate in groups of threes and teams were given a text and pictures about the topic in advance. Teams arrived well prepared and they also had to cope with some tasks that they could see at the competition first. Exercises like decoding a message from space and listening to planets’ stories about their features were among the activities. Planets were acted out by high school students who were thus not only part of the competition but also helped during the competition handing out tasks, counting points and writing certificates. We wanted students to have a great contest but also to have some fun as well. Every student got a certificate at the end; the first three teams were also awarded with mug having pictures about the Universe on them and Mars and Milky Way chocolates. Children were also offered some mineral water and cakes. Children’s comments about the competition:

”I think the science competition was really good, the exercises were exciting, but my favourite was the puzzle. The competition was about the Universe. After the competition we could eat snacks and drink water and apple juice. The presents were great. I really enjoyed the competition!”

“We had to work together. My favourite task was when there were planets and we had to gather the information. We had to put out puzzles and tell what’s in the picture. There were 12 teams and we won the 3rd place.”

1st place: Dudra Dorottya, Ónodi Lili, Gellért Janka Piroska (5.a)
2nd place: Lingsch Lola Magdolna, Pozsgai Petra, Enyedi Loretta (6.c)
3rd place: Bakos Luca, Reichart Villő Ajsa, Sarbak Luca (6.a)

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