We offer several programs to our pupils such as music classes, cultural enrichment and other events and competitions to assist in character development. Students can take part in the following programmes:

  • talent support workshops (N-JOY and SHARE Talent Support Program in English, MATEH Talent Support Program in Maths)
  • English competitions (Poetry recital competition, Short story writing competition, Science contest, Spelling Bee, English-speaking countries competition, Speech competition),
  • bilingual events (Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Canada Day, Mother's Day),
  • trips into English-speaking countries,
  • trips in Hungary with English tourguiding
  • English library days,
  • programmes with other bilingual schools,
  • summer camps.



Barbara Pápai, one of our 8th grade students, recited her own poem.:


by Barbara Pápai

A teardrop went down,

All over my face,

Down to my nose

Into a deep space.

When I told you you’re the reason why,

You said it will be better after a while.

I didn’t see on you that you feel bad,

Maybe it was an other reason why I feel that.

But there’s noone in this universe

Who can make me feel this way.

Is it going to get worse,

When we stop talking everyday?

There are so many questions

Which I daily think about,

Every minute, every second,

But I have to figure them out.

How did you mean you love me,

At the first time we met?

How could you hug me,

So long, after not so close we get?

What if the world stops spinning around?

What if after a while you will bring me down?

Hurting me by telling those things,

What I shouldn’t do wrong

I promise I won’t hurt you, as you hurt me,

When I wasn’t mentally so strong.

Look straight into my eyes

And don’t tell anyone,

Just listen and memorise

That you are the only one.

The only one who I love,

The one who I trust.

And if we get to the end

Do not be so sad.

My smile will hide

All of my pain,

The smile which I tried

Look so normal again.

Just thing about all of the things we got into and through,

’Cause there won’t be we anymore, just Me and You.



szalai eszterReading books open doors to magical places. One day you could find yourself in a kingdom with kings and queens and the next day you could find yourself in a house filled with magic. The Zöldliget English library started out two years ago with a few books on two shelves. Due to the generous donations over the past two years we now have many new books and our shelves are overflowing. There are now books for students from first grade right up to eighth grade in various levels. Students enjoy browsing through the books during the breaks or after school and taking them home if they would like. This year we started a ’Star Reader of the Month’ to award those students who have spent a lot of time reading and borrowing books during that month. Our September Star of the Month was Szalai Eszter and for October Havai Júlia. Open some doors and read a book today!!













Science Competition for 5th and 6th graders

We held our school Science Competition for 5th and 6th graders on the 25th of October. Children were asked to form groups of threes to sign up for the competition. We were happy to welcome nine groups altogether. Groups had to cope with different types of tasks and activities in one and a half an hour: anagram games, quiz, recognizing animal voices, trimino as a logic game, puzzle and scavenger hunt. Kids had a good time during the competition, it was exciting and a pleasure to see teams in action. Team “Kis Lilik” – team members Lili Ötvös and Lili Vanda Szabó - won the first prize and every team was given a certificate and a bar of chocolate and the winners were awarded extra prizes too. Congratulations to all teams.

Contact Information

Zöldliget Magyar-Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Baptista Általános Iskola és Gimnázium
(Zöldliget Hungarian-English Bilingual Baptist Primary and Secondary Grammar School)
Velence, Kis u. 1.
2481, Hungary
E-mail: Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

Czuppon István: +36-22/589-201, Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.
Vice principals:
Sajkás Balázsné: +36-22/589-204, Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.
Tóthné Benkő Mónika: +36-22/589-205, Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

Contact person:
Tóthné Benkő Mónika
vice principal
Telephone: +36/22-589-205
Mobile: +36-30-859-7634
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Native Teachers

 The presence of native speakers is obligatory and - as a matter of fact - absolutely necessary in bilingual education. The native teachers cooperate with the Hungarian English teachers, which includes the lesson planning and special events. Native teachers are essential for language building skills, such as pronunciation and dialect, as well as bringing culture into the classrooms. A normal class size is about 30, although in the English classes there are only 15 pupils. The pupils rotate on a daily or weekly basis. We would like to help our pupils to develop a favorable attitude to language learning, extend their conceptions about the world and get acquainted with the culture and civilizations of the target language in order to view the Hungarian culture in an extended context.

Job purpose as a native teacher:
To teach English (and Cultural Studies) in an appropriate and effective way in accordance with the school’s policies under the direction of the headmaster. To represent the basic interests of the school's educational program following curriculum guidelines in the professional works.

Basic/fundamental responsibilities and duties:
Teachers are doing their job on the basis of uniform principles established by the teaching staff with their free choice of methods and teaching aids. Teachers develop syllabus, schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. They facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with pupils and by their organisation of learning resources and the classroom learning environment.

Teachers develop and foster the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude. They support, observe, assess and record progress of their class(es) and prepare pupils for tests and examinations. They link pupils' knowledge to earlier learning and develop ways to encourage it further, and challenge and inspire pupils to help them deepen their knowledge and understanding. More details are available in the job description.

Duties and responsibilities of the school:
The school ensures:

  • a fully-furnished accomodation (housing expenditure is paid by the local governement)
  • a mobile phone
  • Internet access
  • television with international channels
  • car provided by the Hungarian Baptist Aid (one for 3 or 4 native teachers)
  • hot meal on school days

Teaching is like no other profession. Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and yet challenging careers offered. Native teachers will always have an important role to play in second language education. They are ambassadors and representatives of their countries, cultures, and in the places they live and work.

Our native teachers:nativet

Jessie Lynn Garner 2009
Reid Barnes 2010, 2011-2014
Jennifer Collins Bunn 2010-2012
Rachel Radford 2012-2014
Aujalen Wood 2014
Angela Milne-Kiss 2014-
Victoria Faith Womack 2014-
Dusty Cagle 2015-2016
Christine Elaine Brander 2015-
Lakatos Samantha 2017-

The Hungarian Baptist Aid

The Hungarian Baptist Aid became supervisors of our school during the 2012 year. The Hungarian Baptist Aid is very much in favor of bilingual education.b1

The Baptist Union of Hungary is an organization of Baptists in Hungary for promoting cooperation in ministry. The current president is János Papp. The Baptist Union of Hungary is a member of the European Baptist Federation, the Baptist World Alliance, and the World Council of Churches. Headquarters of the Union are maintained in Budapest. Its affiliated ministries include Hungarian Baptist Aid. Its president is Sándor Szenczy.

Although Baptists are over our school, most of the teachers are not baptists. Christianity in Hungary is predominantly Roman Catholic.

b2Local church: Hajnalpír Baptista Gyülekezet, Velence
 worships are held in Hungarian – parents are ready to translate
International Baptist Church of Budapest:
worships are held in English – Sundays at 10.30 am

Our past experiences and future plans

Our school has always been open to find new ways, learn, new methods and new ideas. After starting a new program we have also been interested in sharing our success and showing the way we do it. Cooperation with other schools is important for us. In the list below there are the ways we have been learning and cooperating with other schools and institutions:

  • attending the annual national bilingual conferences in Hungary
  • attending training on CLIL
  • being in contact with experts on CLIL
  • being a memeber of Talent Support Centres (Talent Support Council of Fejér County, Baptist Talent Support Council)
  • attending Talent Days
  • cooperating with other Talent Point including participation in talent support programs
  • hosting Baptist summer camp with volunteers from the USA
  • hosting young people from the USA to help our pupils to learn more about culture

and also the ways we have been sharing experiences:

  • organizing inner training for our teachers
  •  organizing training on CLIL
  • organizing the annual national bilingual conference (2015, over 200 teachers at our school)
  • organizing conferences on CLIL for Baptist schools (2016, 2017)
  • organizing conferences on integrating native teachers for Baptist schools (2016, 2017)
  • sharing the strategy and action plan with other Baptist schools
  • sharing our programs and best practices with other bilingual schools
  • sharing our curriculum devlopment in teaching Culture
  • sharing our best practices on organizing specail days with the help of native teachers

Future plans:
We would like to develop our program and learn about new opportunities and find new ways to be better. We are going to start high school bilingual education in 2018.
We are ready to:

  • cooperate with other bilingual schools and Talent Points
  • share strategy plan, best practices and programs with other schools, Talent Points or Centres
  • be visited by experts and volunteers
  • attend trainings, conferences and Talent Days
  • organize trainings, conferences and Talent Days

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